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Most Important Chapters for Karnataka 2nd PUC Economics Exam

Here Are Some of The Most Important Chapters For Students to Know to Ace Their Karnataka 2nd PUC Economics Exam.
In this chapter of microeconomics, we study how consumer theory manifests as to how people make choices, provide restraints, their income, and the prices of commodities and services.
Theory of Consumer Behavior
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This Chapter talks about the relationship between production and cost in economics. 
Production and Cost
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In this chapter, we discuss national income accounting, a set of principles, and methods used to measure the income and production of a country.
National Income Accounting
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This chapter explains how Money and Banking are the two most essential components that drive the Economy and how Money allows people to make transactions. In contrast, Banks play a vital role in circulating the Money supply in the Market.
Money and Banking
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In this, we study income and employment theory, a body of economic analysis concerned with the relative output levels, employment, and economic prices. By defining the interrelation of these macroeconomic factors, governments try to create policies that contribute to economic stability.
Determination of Income and Employment
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