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Most Expensive To the Least Expensive IIMs

The fee structure 2022 for IIMs have been released. Read on to know them in detail.
The IIM fee structure 2022 is given in the following slides for students to choose the best IIMs. The IIM fee structure ranges between INR 13 Lakhs to INR 28 Lakhs.
IIM Fee Structure 2022
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It is the best and the most expensive among all the IIMs.

Total Fees: INR 28 Lakhs
Seats available: 385
IIM Ahmedabad
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IIM C was the first IIM established in the IIM legacy and is now ranked No.3 by NIRF rankings.

Total Fees: INR 27 Lakhs
Seats available: 462
IIM Calcutta
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IIM Bangalore ranks 2 under the 'Management' category by the NIRF 2022 Rankings

Total Fees: INR 23 Lakhs
Seats available: 382
IIM Bangalore
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IIM Indore offers PGP and PGPMX programs along with several executive courses.

Total Fees: INR 16 Lakhs
Seats available: 450
IIM Indore
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Established in 2011, IIM Kashipur commenced operations under the mentorship of IIM Lucknow and id the least expensive IIM.

Total Fees: INR 7.31 Lakhs
Seats available: 90
IIM Kashipur
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Visit the GMU page to get a wholesome idea on the fee structure for each and every IIM in India.
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