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MBA V/S PGDM: Which One to Choose?

Are you confused about which one to choose between, MBA and PGDM? Here is what you need to know!
Both MBA and PGDM programs have similar duration, eligibility criteria, and entrance exam requirements.
Similarities Between MBA and PGDM
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MBA is a degree program, and PGDM is a diploma program. As a degree program, an MBA is recognized internationally.
Main Difference
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It costs between INR 2-20 LPA to pursue an MBA. In contrast, the PGDM course fee ranges between INR 4-24 LPA.
Course Fee
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One can draw an average salary package of INR 6.56 LPA and INR INR 7.4 LPA with an MBA and PGDM, respectively.
Average Salary
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An MBA program is globally preferred, enhances career prospects, and leads to lucrative salary packages.
Why Pursue MBA?
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With a PGDM, you will gain corporate skills with real-world experience and have excellent career prospects.
Why Pursue PGDM?
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Individual goals and objectives determine the choice between MBA and PGDM. Choose wisely by considering all the aspects!
Which One to Choose?
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Learn more about the MBA and PGDM programs by visiting the GMU website and make an informed career decision!
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