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MBA From IIM: Why this is Supreme?

Why should students consider pursuing an MBA from IIMs? Tap to know the top reasons.
Excellent Faculty
IIMs boast top-notch faculties who are experts in their fields. With years of professional experience, they use the best teaching methodologies to deliver sessions.
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Better Career Prospects
IIM graduates can expect job offers from top firms across the globe. Foreign companies also visit IIMs to hire students. Some recruiters include Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Accenture, etc.
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Higher Packages
Students acquire exceptional skills through industry-oriented learning imparted by IIMs. It allows them to draw better salary packages when compared to students from other business schools.
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Entrepreneurial Opportunities
This is one of the unique factors about IIMs that make them special. Almost all of the IIMs offer entrepreneurship and skill-oriented programs to encourage and support students in this field.
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Interaction with the Brightest Minds
Some of the sharpest minds in the country study at IIMs. Therefore, joining IIMs is a wonderful opportunity to interact with and learn from meritorious students.
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Campus Events
It is known that IIMs organise some of the best campus events and competitions like ITC Interrobang, HUL Lime, etc. These events provide a great learning experience for students.
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