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List of Highest Paying Jobs for Freshers

Searching for highest paying jobs after graduation? Here is a quick list of some of the highest-paid jobs for freshers.
Software Developer has a dynamic industry, making it one of the country's highest-paid and the most pursued jobs for freshers.
 Average Salary : 3 LPA-10 LPA
Software Developer
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MLE is one of the highest-growing jobs since the advancement of the AI Industry in the country.
 Average Salary : INR 5 LPA-15 LPA
Machine Learning Expert
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Law is one of the most coveted professions in India with a dynamic structure and job profile. 
 Average Salary : INR 7 LPA-10 LPA
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One of the industries with the quickest growth has recently been data science.
Average Salary : INR 5 LPA-20 LPA
Data Scientist
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Due to their knowledge and position, chartered accountants are continuously in demand. 
Average Salary : INR 10 LPA-30 LPA
Chartered Accountant
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A Merchant Navy Professional can earn good income by choosing a good location and company.
Average : INR 20 LPA-50 LPA 
Merchant Navy Professional
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One of the finest occupations in the country is a doctor. It is the most pursued field after engineering. Average Salary : INR 7 LPA-12 LPA
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