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Last Minute Tips to Prepare for UPSC IFS 2022 Mains Exam

The UPSC IFS 2022 Mains exam will be conducted from Nov 20-27, 2022. Check out some last-minute tips to ace the exam.
During the last few days, you must have a proper revision strategy. Skim through the key facts, figures, dates, etc.
Revise Well
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Studying new topics at the last minute will create confusion. So only revise the issues you are familiar with!
Avoid Studying New Topics
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Practice well for essay writing. Do not exceed the word limit, and substantiate your answer with valid data points.
Essay Writing Practice
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Solve a few more mock tests before your D-day! It will help you manage your time effectively.
Solve Mock Test Papers
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Stay up-to-date with current affairs. Also, check out the maps, sketches, and diagrams minutely.
Be Meticulous and Updated
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Stay calm and composed during the last few days. A positive mindset is a key to success!
Have a Positive Mindset
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Get more helpful information on the GMU website. All the best for your UPSC IFS 2022 Mains exam!
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