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Last Minute Preparation Tips For CLAT Exam 2023

Here are the top last-minute preparation tips you must follow to ace the CLAT 2023 exam.
Assess your level of preparedness by appearing for mock tests. After each mock, analyse it and work on your areas of improvement. It will boost your confidence for the actual test.
Regular Mock Tests
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Revision is important to retain all that you have studied so far! Go through all the chapters and topics included in the syllabus minutely. It is also advisable to review the current affairs of the past 12 months.
Last-Minute Revision
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It is pointless to waste your precious time and energy studying new topics! This is because it will lead to confusion right before the CLAT exam. So, focus on topics you have already covered and revise them well.
Avoid Studying New Topics
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You need to solve the complete CLAT paper in 2 hours. So, while taking mocks, devote enough time to each section. Also, keep some time in the end to review the entire paper.
Focus on Time Management
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Several questions in the CLAT test will be based on passages. You must be good at reading and comprehending such problems. Therefore, even if you didn't have a reading habit before, you should start now.
Improve your Reading Habit
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Fix your sleep schedule and maintain a healthy routine. It is vital to remain physically and mentally before the exam for the best results. Good luck with CLAT 2023 exam!
Follow a Healthy Routine
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Visit the GMU page for more useful CLAT 2023 preparation tips and tricks.
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