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JEE Main Phase 2 2022 Exam Guidelines and Instructions

Attending the JEE MAIN Exam in 2022? The rules and instructions you need to be aware of are listed below.
Reach on Time
Make sure you are punctual, late entries will not be entertained in the examination hall.
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Admit Card and ID Proof
Make sure you print out the admit card the moment it is released and carry it. Also, make sure you have an ID Proof along.
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No Electronic Gadgets
Candidates should not carry any electronic gadgets. Calculator is also not permitted inside the examination hall.
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No Rough Paper
Paper to perform rough work will be given by the examination center. The candidates are not permitted carry any sheet from outside.
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Appropriate Clothing
No jewellery, caps, hats and metallic thing will be permitted inside the examination hall. Candidates are expected to be dressed properly.
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No Malpractice
Any candidate found of any fraudulent behavior or malpractice will be liable to be removed and barred from attending the examination.
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Good Luck!
Hope you break a leg this year at JEE MAINS
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