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JEE Main Exam Day: Mental Preparation & Stress Management

Going to appear for the JEE Main exam? Follow these tips to prepare yourself mentally for the exam day.
Focus on your Strengths
Do not worry if you have left out any topic for JEE Main. Instead, stay confident in your preparation and focus on the topics you are good at. It will surely enhance your performance on exam day.
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It is one of the best ways to manage stress and calm your mind. A few breathing exercises will be beneficial for reducing anxiety. You can check online videos to get started with meditation.
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Follow your Study Plan
Stick to your timetable throughout the preparation for JEE Main. Do not waste your time by preparing new chapters at the last minute. Make sure to revise all the chapters and topics to retain information.
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Maintain a Balanced Diet
Skipping meals can harm your health. Moreover, it can lead to increased levels of stress. So ensure that you consume healthy and balanced meals.
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Slot for Enjoyment
Take a 30-45 minute break in a day to relax your mind. You can listen to music or watch your favourite show during this break. Do not think about exam preparation at this time.
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Believe in Yourself
Lastly, do not doubt yourself and keep a positive attitude on the JEE Main exam day. Also, do not compare yourself with others. Wish you all the best!
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