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JEE Main 2023 Session 2 Exam on April 6: Check Toppers Tips

Wondering how to score better in JEE Main Session 2 Exam? Follow these tips to ace the exam.
1. Stick to NCERT Books for Core Subjects
NCERT Books can save time in preparing for the JEE Main 2023 Session 2 exam. The book consists of just the right content to prepare for the exam.
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2. Revise All the Topics
Only studying topics for JEE 2023 Main Session 2 exam won't help; continuous revision is necessary for better performance in the exam.
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3. Practice Mock Tests/Previous Years Question Papers
Practicing mock tests/previous years' question papers will give students an idea regarding the exam paper. Practicing more will allow them to be more confident.
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4. Make Notes
Note making is one of the effective ways for toppers to recall their lessons. So the more notes you make, the better for students' memory to recall during the exam.
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5. Avoid Any Last-Minute Preparation
Students must avoid any last-minute exam preparation as this would only make them more nervous. It's better to plan and study effectively.
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6. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
All study and no break can result in less concentration and tiredness during preparation. Students must manage their time effectively for productive preparation.
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