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JEE Main 2023 Session 2 Admit Card Soon: Check Revision Tips

Stressing about JEE Main exam 2023? Take a look at the revision tips to find out how to ace the JEE Main exam 2023.
For core subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, candidates should follow the NCERT books.
Follow NCERT Books For Core Subjects
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Since the syllabus is vast, making notes on important topics can help candidates prepare better for JEE Main exam.
Make Notes
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Candidates must focus on the topics that they can't recall well and pay special attention to those chapters.
Revise All The Topics
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Attempting JEE Main mock tests and solving the question papers from previous years can give candidates an idea of what to expect from JEE Main exam
Practice Previous Years Question Papers
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Maintaining a good sleep cycle, eating well, and exercising are habits that help candidates be sharp on the day of JEE Main exam.
Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
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It is advisable for candidates to rely on the notes that they've created. It will be absolutely futile and counter-productive to study new topics at the last minute.
Avoid Last-Minute Preparation
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Some of the best apps for JEE Main preparation are Topper JEE Main Prep, Smart Test: IIT JEE Main Exam, IIT JEE Formulae & Notes, IIT JEE Preparations & Coaching
Best Apps For JEE Main Exam 2023
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