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JEE Main 2023: List Of Items To Carry

Are you planning to appear for JEE Main 2023? You must carry the following list of items for the exam without fail!
Items to be Carried to Exam Hall
Candidates appearing for JEE Main 2023 must carry all the required items to the exam centre. They must have the following items without fail. The exam conducting authority will not allow the candidates to enter the exam hall without these items.
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Required Documents
The candidates must have JEE Main 2023 admit cards and the Self-Declaration (Undertaking) form, which is downloaded from the official website of NTA. They must fill out the Undertaking form properly. The candidates must also carry a valid photo ID proof issued by the government for verification.
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Additional Passport-Size Photograph
Candidates must carry a recently-taken passport-size photograph to be attached to the attendance sheet.
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Stationery Items
Sharing or interaction among the candidates is strictly prohibited. Candidates must carry stationery items, such as a ballpoint pen, pencil, eraser, etc. However, they must not have any piece of paper on them.
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COVID-19 Precautions
Candidates must carry a 50 ml bottle of sanitiser with them. They must have masks and all the precautionary items required for COVID-19 safety. They must carry a clear water bottle with them as sharing will not be allowed in the exam hall.
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Special Concession
Candidates with diabetes can carry snacks such as sugar tablets, fruits (such as bananas, apples, and oranges), and transparent water bottles to the exam hall. However, packaged food, like chocolates, is not allowed.
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