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JEE Main 2023: List Of Items Not Allowed

There Are Various Things A Candidate Must Not Carry To The JEE Mains Exam Hall. Find The Checklist Here!
There is always a list of items debarred to be carried in the exam hall, which must be followed strictly. However, this is done to avoid any cheating or miscreants. Similarly, complete your 'Not Allowed' checklist for the JEE Mains exam.
Why Certain Things Are Debarred?
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Students are strictly instructed not to carry any form of electronic gadget such as a Mobile, Calculator, Chip, etc., or stationeries like books, notes in the JEE Mains exam hall.
Electronics/ Gadgets
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No eatable items and a water bottle are allowed inside the JEE Mains exam hall. Students must keep these items outside the exam hall campus only.
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Yes, make sure you have no accessories or jewellery on you. Students must avoid wearing earrings, belts, rings, or shoes, as they will be going through a metal detection test. In that case, you'll be asked to open it then and there.
Avoid Accessories
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Do not carry your handbag of any size inside the exam hall. You'll be asked to keep your bags outside; thus, students are advised not to carry any expensive or fragile items in their handbags.
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