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JEE and NEET Likely To Be Merged Into CUET, says UGC

UGC has proposed the integration of JEE & NEET into CUET. Read on to find out all the latest updates!
UGC has started to work on a proposal to combine the JEE and NEET exams into one common exam, the CUET.
Proposal To Merge NEET & JEE
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This exam will enable students to take a common exam and be eligible for different fields of study.
Only One Exam For Different Streams
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Through this, the students won't be required to give multiple entrance exams to explore different opportunities.
Won't Have To Give Multiple Exams
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The JEE, NEET and CUET-UG are the three major entrance exams that over 43 Lakh aspirants participate in. This move aims to help students as they wont have to sit in 3 exams.
Aims To Help Students
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The primary aim of this proposal is to reduce the student's burden and stress of giving three exams and combining it into one.
Reduce The Burden On Students
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