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ISC Percentage Calculator

Wondering how to calculate your ISC Percentage? Read on to find the steps!
Who Conducts ISC?
The CISC Examinations is a privately held national-level board of school education in India that conducts the ICSE for Class X and the ISC for Class XII.
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Get The Average Scores
Step 1: A score of 3 subjects with the highest marks is to be added along with the marks scored in English. Step 2: The total score has to be divided by 4.
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Get The Percentage
Step 3: By doing this, you will get an average score.
Step 4: Multiply the average score by 100.
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Minimum Pass Score
As informed by the council, students have to score a minimum of 33 per cent in aggregate and per subject to pass.
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ISC 12th Marks Division
In the ISC exam pattern, the marking scheme for major subjects will be 80% for external marks and 20% for internal marks.
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