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Important Topics In JEE Main Chemistry

Are You Preparing For The JEE Mains Exam? Get The List of Important Topics in Chemistry To Ease Your Preparation.
The Chemistry portion in the JEE Main exam holds a good weightage of 120 marks. However, the equations and formulas make it a bit boring. Here is a list of a few important topics to cover from the Chemistry portion to score well.
JEE Main Chemistry Weightage
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The periodic table and its hustle are known to all, but this is one of the most important topics in the JEE Main exam. The periodic table section comprises 12 marks, along with the Representative Elements.
Periodic Table and Elements
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This section holds the most basic concepts of Chemistry but still has a good weightage in the exam. This section will help you score more marks with less effort. The mole concept and atomic structure have 3-4 questions in every exam.
Physical Chemistry
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Organic and Inorganic chemistry are the two pillars of Chemistry. Each topic from this portion is very important. Students must go through the Named Reactions and Organic Synthesis to score more. Together it comprises 8-10 marks in the exam.
Principles of Organic Chemistry
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Plenty of questions are asked to form the s, p, and f-blocks in the JEE Mains exam. Students are advised to prepare short notes on the bloc elements to revise them easily. This portion is the Chemistry paper comprised of 7-10 marks in the exam.
Block Elements
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Check out the GMU website for more important topics of JEE Mains Exam.
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