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Important Chapters in CBSE Class 12 Geography

Let us Look at The Important Chapters For The CBSE Class 12 Geography Exam.
In this chapter, we study the relationship between humans and nature.
Human Geography Nature and Scope
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This chapter talks about how to balance between population and resources.
Population Composition
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This chapter discusses the four pillars of human development: equity, sustainability, productivity and empowerment.
Human Development
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Transport and Communication deals with different modes of transport and communications in the country.
Transport and Communication
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This chapter covers the different kinds of minerals and the distribution of minerals in different regions. Further, it also covers the different kinds of energy resource concepts.
Mineral and Energy Resources
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Human Settlements discusses the difference between human settlements in rural and urban areas.
Human Settlements
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International Trade explains the in-depth concept of international trade: meaning, the importance of trade, and types of international trade.
International Trade
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