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IIT Roorkee CSE Cutoff

Looking to find out the IIT Roorkee CSE Cutoff? You're in the right place, read on to find out!
IIT Roorkee offers various M.Sc specializations and the cut-off 2022 based on IIT JAM- round 2 for various category students are given ahead.
Category Wise Cut-Off
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Applied Geology- 62 Chemistry- 158
Master of Science Physics- 171 Mathematics- 2714
General Category
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Economics - 298
Applied Geology- 143 Chemistry - 92
Master of Science Physics- 457 Mathematics- 386
OBC Category
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Economics- 915
Applied Geology- 675 Chemistry- 2080
Master of Science Physics 3149 Mathematics- 1976
ST Category
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Economics- 59
Mathematics- 4927
PWD Category
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Economics- 66
Applied Geology- 71 Chemistry- 219
Master of Science Physics- 234 Mathematics- 359
EWS Category
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