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IIT Placement Season: Top Recruiters

IITs are well known for both its excellent placement rates and its high-quality education. Know more about its placement season.
Placement Season
At various Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the placement season begins on December 1 with a number of consultancy business, investment banks, and core engineering organizations.
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Top Recruiters
This year, American Express, Bajaj Auto, Boston Consulting Group, Enphase Solar Energy, Intel, Praxis Global Alliance, and Strategy were the top recruiters.
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Pre Placement Offer
A total of 66 international offers and 201 PPOs were made during 2022 placement drive. Earlier, 56 international offers and 149 PPOs were made during placements 2021.
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Highest Domestic Package
The highest annual international package offered at IIT Bombay placement 2022 was INR 2.1 crore. Additionally INR 1.8 crore per year was the largest domestic package offered.
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Highest International Package
Over 760 offers have been made to IIT Kharagpur's final-year students. The biggest package for an overseas offer in Kharagpur at the end of Day 1 is more than Rs 2.6 crore
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