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IIM vs ISB: Which One to Choose?

Are You Confused Between Choosing Between IIM or ISB? Clear The Air By Reading Further.
What is IIM?
IIM stands for the Indian Institute of Management. It is a public business school owned by the government of India. The IIM's offer various business administrative courses. It is mandatory to qualify CAT in order to get admitted here.
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What is ISB?
ISB stands for the Indian School of Business. This organization focuses on young professionals with work experience, and has shorter course duration. It is a private business school established in 2001 with just 2 campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali.
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Key Differences b/w IIM and ISB
The fundamental yet crucial vital differences will help you figure out which one to choose better. Find the details here.
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Fee Structure
The fee structure of both organizations is relatively closer to each other. However, the annual fee charge is comparatively less for IIM colleges.
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Admission Procedure
The enrollment process of both the organizations is entirely different. The Graduation and CAT score is scrutinized following an interview for the admissions in IIMs. While, for ISB, the aptitude quality is checked through GRE score including the experience. 
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Required Eligibility
Candidates must have qualified CAT along with 45% in Graduation to get admitted in IIM's. However, the GRE score and two years of experience are required for ISB colleges.
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Career Opportunities
Career growth opportunities matters the most when selecting any college. As per the IIMA PGPX, there shall be a 20% hike in the median salary in 2022. Whereas, the 41.21% of the total placements went to the female candidate in ISB's. 
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Top Recruiters
The list of top recruiters in both the organizations will also help you understand their worth.
IIM Recruiters- McKinsey & Company, JP Morgan, TCS, etc.
ISB Recruiters- Accenture, Google, Nestle, Reliance, etc.
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To get more details on IIM and ISB, visit the GMU website.
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