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IIM Ahmedabad: Is It The Best Among IIMs?

IIM Ahmedabad is one of the oldest and top-ranked business schools in India. Here are some factors that make it the best institute among all other IIMS.
Top Rankings
IIM-A has earned several national and international rankings over the years. In 2022, NIRF placed the reputed institute in the first position in the management category.
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Best International Tie-Ups
Students at IIM-A get a chance to study for a trimester at leading management schools in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.
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Huge Alumni Network
The institution boasts 40,000+ alumni from across the globe. The Alumni and External Relations Office at IIM-A works rigorously for global partnerships, strategic initiatives, and community engagement.
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Top-Notch Faculty
Well-known professors, business thinkers, and researchers teach students at IIM-A. They use world-class methodologies to mould students into leaders, entrepreneurs, and leaders.
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Case Study Pedagogy
IIM Ahmedabad was the first business school in India to incorporate the case study method. It allows students to come up with practical solutions to tackle real-world business challenges.
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Student Life
With a multicultural campus and vibrant community of students, the institute provides top-class facilities, along with personal & career development centres.
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