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ICAR Exam Date 2022

Wondering ICAR Exam Date? Here is a quick run through for ICAR.
ICAR is the exam for candidates who wishes to enter into UG and PG courses in the filed of agriculture and allied sciences.
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What is ICAR?
The ICAR offers two courses - UG and PG for the candidates. For UG it is B.Tech/B.Sc and for PG it is M.Sc/M.Tech/M.V.Sc
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What are the two ICAR?
The ICAR will conducted through online mode.
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How will ICAR be conducted?
ICAR Exam dates for both UG & PG courses are yet to be announced for the year 2022.
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When will ICAR be conducted?
To know more about ICAR Exam and to be update with dates, log into GMU.
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