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HTET Last Minute Preparation Tips: Exam on Nov 12

HTET 2022 will be conducted on Nov 12, 2022. Follow these last-minute tips to reduce exam pressure and get better results.
Revise all the topics and concepts before the exam. But do not try to revise everything on the last day!
Revision is the Key
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As the exam is just around the corner, solve a few more mocks to hone your time management skills.
Practice Mock Tests
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Reach the exam center on time with all the required documents.
Be Punctual on Exam Day
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Avoid spending too much time on a question. Attempt all questions as there is no negative marking.
Time Management
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Do not read the question in a hurry. Read it minutely to understand the context.
Read Between the Lines
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It is essential to strike a perfect balance between speed and accuracy in the exam.
Speed and Accuracy
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Answer the easy questions first to boost your morale.  Then, proceed with solving the complex ones!
Attempt Easy Questions First
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For more such useful tips and tricks on HTET 2022, check out the GMU page!
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