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How to Write High Scoring Answers in CBSE 12th Exams?

Want to perform well in your CBSE exams? These tips and techniques will help you get there. Stay tuned!
Read the question carefully throughout the first 15 minutes of the buffer period to comprehend the foundation of your knowledge.
Keep a Reading Window
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Know your strengths and weaknesses on paper, and emphasise your strengths.
Perform SWOT
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Do not beat around the bush much, be precise with what you write and how you write.
Frame Answers Properly
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Do not scribble and doodle on the answer sheet. Keep it clean as cleanliness carries a certain amount of marks.
Keep the Paper Clean
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Using SWOT, you can cover almost much of the paper. Do not leave any questions unanswered until you are given the option to choose.
Try to Attempt All
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After completing the sheet, take some time out to revise. Go through the answers thoroughly and fix much of the errors as possible.
Revise the Answer Sheet
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Being mindful of your current task is the best approach to avoid wasting time. Keep in mind your work instead of wandering around whispering for solutions.
Time Management
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Wishing all the candidates appearing for CBSE 2023 all the best from the GMU fam. To know more about exams, swipe up!
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