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How to Write High Scoring Answers in CBSE 12th Exam?

Students appearing for CBSE 12th Exam must not only prepare but also write the answers to the questions well. Here are tips on writing high-scoring answers in the CBSE 12th Exam!
CBSE 12th exam is scheduled to be conducted from Feb 15, 2023. To score high, students appearing for the exam must prepare well and attempt the exam. Preparation and memorising the exam subjects are not enough if they don't write the answers in the expected format.
CBSE 12th Exam
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Following are the tips from the previous year's test-takers that can help students answer the exam questions for CBSE 12th to score high marks.
Tips To Write High-Scoring Answers For CBSE 12th Exam
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While appearing for the exam, students must thoroughly review the question paper. They must go through the questions and allotted marks. Only after reading the questions well must they begin answering them.
1. Read the Question Paper Well
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Instead of writing unnecessary details, students must answer to the point for the allotted marks. They should make sure the relevant details are mentioned within the word limit. They must ensure that they do not waste time writing long answers if it is not required.
2. Write Clear, Brief Responses
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All questions must be answered to pass the board test. Additionally, because there are no negative marks, it is good to attempt to answer uncertain questions. They must thus make an effort to find an answer nonetheless.
3. Attempt All Questions
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Instead of writing and cancelling the answers they are unsure of, students must frame the responses in their minds and write them down. The answer script should be readable, with proper margins and markings.
4. Be Concise and Use Clear Language
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Once done answering all the questions, students must check their responses for spelling and grammar mistakes. By doing so, they can reduce the chances of losing marks due to careless mistakes.
5. Read the Answers Before Submitting
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