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How to Write High Scoring Answers in CBSE 10th Exam?

Do you want to know how to ace the CBSE 10th exams? This is how!
Prioritizing questions can be advantageous in many ways; one is confidence. If you know any question perfectly, then doing it at the beginning of the exam can boost your confidence.
1. Prioritize Questions
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Underline keywords in the answer but make sure not to overdo them, as it may reduce the clarity of your answer.
3. Underline Important Words
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The students have to understand the marking scheme as it will help them decided time limit depending upon the weightage of the section as well as questions.
3. Follow the Marking Scheme
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Anxiety and stress would make the students forget their best answers as well. No matter how the handwriting is, try writing as cleanly as possible. Keep the answers crisp.
4. Write Clean, Maintain Uniformity, Do Not Panic
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Students are advised to use the last 15 minutes to revise the answers, check the answer numbers, count the attached sheets, etc. This final step will help students correct careless mistakes.
5. Utilize the Last 15 Minutes
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To know more about how to write high scoring answers in CBSE 12th exams, visit the GMU website.
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