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How To Solve MCQs in Competitive Exams?

Facing Issues In Solving MCQs? Get Evergreen Tips And Tricks Here!
Tips and Tricks to Solve MCQs
Most of the exams nowadays are being conducted in MCQ format. It stands for Multiple Choice Questions. Candidates can follow these evergreen tips to solve MCQs when in doubt.
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Start Eliminating
Yes! Start eliminating the options which you are 100% sure are incorrect. This will probably help you lead to the correct answer.
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First Choice is the Best Choice
It is always preferable to stick to your first choice when you are unaware of the answer. That instant option is always directed from the inner instinct.
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Attempt the Known Answer First
This trick will keep you confident throughout the exam and help save time. Starting with the doubtful questions will lower your confidence and kill time over-solving.
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Pay Attention to the Question
Sometimes in a hurry, we often forget to understand the question well. The question include words like 'not, false, sometimes' which gets ignored. So, always read the question twice before attempting.
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Attempt All
If the exam pattern includes no negative marking then save your time and luck, and attempt all of them, even if you have zero clue. Your estimation may help you grab 1-2 extra marks.
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Prefer Longer Options
Preferably the long texts are the correct answers, as the examiner tends to explain the facts clearly. Though this may not work every time, but it is a high chance the longer texts may be the correct ones.
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