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How to Score 90% in HBSE 10th Exams?

Are you aiming to score above 90% in HBSE 10th boards? Here are the tips to keep in mind!
Plan how and what to study. It should ensure effective preparation, motivating you to achieve your target score.
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Study Plan
With around two months, begin revising chapters with high weightage and important topics.
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Prioritize Important Topics
Along with a student’s understanding and knowledge of the chapter, the speed with which questions are resolved makes a difference.
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Build on Speed
To develop good time management skills, strictly follow the study plan, achieve the set goals, and avoid procrastination.
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Time Management Skills
The focus should also be on going through already solved mock tests, analyzing the mistakes, and learning from them.
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Solving Practice Papers
Replicating a real exam scenario can greatly help in addressing your exam-related anxieties.
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Simulate a Real Exam Scenario
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