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How to Pass CA Exam in First Attempt?

Passing the CA exam is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Here are some tips to pass the exam in first attempt.
Focus on the important topics more than the rest and try to study them when your mind works at the optimum.
Prioritize the Important Topics
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Learning by writing is a proven strategy. You get good practice for writing your answers concisely and in a timely manner every single day.
Write and Learn
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Attempt at least one mock test for every paper a week – in addition to solving previous years’ papers and revisions
Take Mock Tests
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The ability to manage your time well is not only a crucial part of the preparation process but also vital to optimize your performance in the exams.
Ace the Time Management Game
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Prepare charts, diagrams, or other illustrations can help you memorize different concepts and formulae better.
Visual Techniques Improve Retention
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As the exam draws closers, it becomes more imperative than ever to be mindful of the stress you are experiencing and take measures to manage it.
Manage Stress
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