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How to Join the Indian Army After your 12th Board?

Planning to join the Indian Army after 12th Board exams? Here is all that you need to know about the recruitment process!
Indian Army
The significant aspect of the Indian Armed Forces, the Indian Army, safeguards the nation's borders and deters foreign attack. Due to its status and benefits, this career is very demanding. The competition is fierce since so many young hopefuls are passionate about serving their nation.
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Recruitment Exams
The recruitment to the Indian Army is conducted based on the following major exams.
1. National Defence Academy (NDA) Exam
2. Technical Scheme Exam
3. Indian Army Rally
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National Defence Academy Exam
UPSC conducts the NDA exam twice every year. It is the most accessible exam to qualify for after class 12. Candidates are selected based on written tests, SSB interviews, and medical tests.
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Technical Scheme Exam
The Technical Scheme Exam is conducted by the Indian Army twice a year. The candidates must enroll in the recommended Engineering course after passing the required test. Cadets who complete the program in four years will be given a permanent commission in the Army with the rank of lieutenant.
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Indian Army Rally
Indian Army Rally is held nationwide to recruit candidates for soldier posts in different departments. Candidates are selected based on written, medical, and fitness tests.
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