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How to get Admission in IIM?

Interested in being admitted to an IIM? This is how! Continue reading to understand the steps.
After the CAT results are out, the candidates must go through the following 3 steps to get admission at IIMs.
IIM's selection procedure
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Candidates must submit an application for the WAT/GD-PI round on each IIM's official website as soon as the CAT results are available.
Shortlisting based on CAT
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They are further shortlisted based on their CAT score as well as their academic record after which interview letters are sent out.
Screening of candidates for WAT/GD-PI
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The composite score of every candidate is calculated based on various parameters to finalize his/her selection.
Calculation of Composite Score
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It is based on parameters like - 10 class score, 12 class score, Graduation Score, performance in WAT/GD-PI, etc.
Final Selection
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To know more on how to get into IIM, visit the GMU page.
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