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How to Calculate KCET Rank 2022

Confused about how to calculate your KCET 2022 rank? Here is a breakdown of steps to help you ease in for finding your KCET rank.
What is KCET?
KCET is held in that state of Karnataka for candidates wishing to pursue pharmacy, agriculture, veterinary and other technical courses.
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How to calculate KCET Rank?
The rank is calculated on marks obtained in KCET 2022 and 12th boards. Here are steps to calculate Rank for KCET 2022 examination.
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50% from KCET
The rank for KCET is calculated by 50% marks obtained from KCET 2022.
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50% from 12th boards
The other calculation is done by obtaining the marks from 12th boards.
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Addition of two
Both of the result's are added after completing their calculation of 50%.The final score from this addition will show the result.
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Alternative method
You can also use the Rank Predictor on the KCET website to get your probable rank but it may not be accurate.
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