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How To Calculate GATE Rank 2023?

Given Your GATE Exam 2023? Check How To Calculate The Score Here!
Students often confuse the GATE rank and the GATE score. To be clear, both are completely different. Check the difference between both here.
GATE Score Or GATE Rank?
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The GATE Rank is the position the student secures out of all the candidates who sat for the exam. However, the GATE Score is the marks obtained by the candidate out of the total marks.
The Difference Explained!
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The GATE Exam 2023 was conducted recently, and the results will be announced on Mar 16, 2023. But you can calculate your GATE Result 2023, for which you don't need the results to be declared
How to Calculate GATE Rank 2023?
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Here are a few pointers which are generally considered for GATE Result 2023 calculation:
1. Normalizing
2. Total sessions conducted
3. Average Marks Obtained
4. GATE Score Calculation Formula
Pointers Considered for GATE Result 2023 Calculation
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The formula used for the GATE Result 2023 calculation is as follows:
GATE Score= Sq + (St-Sq) M-Mq/Mt- Mq
Find the full form for the above abbreviations in the next page.

GATE Score Calculation Formula
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The full forms for the abbreviations used in the GATE Score formula is provided below:
Sq= 350 marks
St= 900 marks
M= Marks obtained by the candidate
Mq= Qualifying marks for UR category
Mt= Marks of top 10 candidates

GATE Score Formula
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To know more about GATE 2023 Result and its latest notifications, visit the GMU website.
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