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How to Apply for CBSE 12th Revaluation 2023?

Apply for revaluation, if you are unsatisfied with your scores. CBSE 12th revaluation to begin from May 16, 2023.
The application process for the same will begin on May 16, 2023. The whole process is digitised and student need to apply online.
When to Apply
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Visit the official website and register for ‘recounting/rechecking’ of the answer sheets. Pay the revaluation fees of INR 500/ subject.
Step 1: Where to Apply
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Choose the subject you want to re-evaluate. At this stage, CBSE only re-totals and checks for unmarked answers.
Step 2: How to Apply
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Apply for scanned copy of answers. This is only for the subjects you chose previously.
Step 3: Not Satisfied, No Problem
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Choose the answer for which you need revaluation. This step is done question-wise, therefore apply cautiously.
Step 4: Time for Re-evaluation
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In-case of doubt, reach out to your school for help and guidance.
Step 5: Unsure of Steps
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CBSE will release the link for process and fees on Sunday May 14, 2023.
Step 6: Links for Process
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The CBSE 12th supplementary exam will be conducted in July 2023. The dates will be notified soon. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming exam!
CBSE 12th Supplementary Exam
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