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How to Ace UPSC CAPF 2023 Interview?

Take a look at the tips to find out how to ace the UPSC CAPF 2023 interview.
The Ministry of Home Affairs of India refers to the central police organizations as Central Armed Police Forces. Technically speaking, these are para-military groups that used to be called Central Para-Military Forces.
What is CAPF?
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Take a look at the tips to ace the UPSC CAPF interview.
Tips to Prepare for Interview
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Start by discussing the origins of your name and surname and any history, geography, or other significance connected to them.
1. Prepare your DAF Thoroughly
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No matter what degree you received, brush up on fundamental information about the industry, the projects you worked on, and so forth.
2.Brush Up Basic Knowledge
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Now it's your turn to talk about anything under the sun, although current events in the nation and throughout the world will be the main focus. Have a knowledgeable viewpoint on any topic you come across.
3. Focus on Current Affairs
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Prepare an internal security scenario (challenges/solutions) and the role that various forces under CAPF will play by consulting.
4. Prepare Internal Security Scenario
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Keep up with the news, preferably - THE HINDU/INDIAN EXPRESS. On the day of the interview, make sure you read it as well.
5. Be Regular With Newspaper
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