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High Scoring Chapters For CBSE 12th English

Given here are the key chapters that will help students perform well in the 12th English exam.
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1. The Last Lesson
In the Last Lesson, the author narrates events about 1870 when Bismarck captured France led Prussian forces. Furthermore, the Lorraine and Alsace districts went under Prussian rule. There was the discontinuation of teaching French in these two districts.
Poets and Pancakes have been taken from the book ‘My Years with Boss’ by Asokamitran. It is about his time when he worked at Gemini Studios.
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2. Poets and Pancakes
The Lost Spring describes the terrible condition of poor children. These children are those who didn’t get to enjoy childhood because of the prevailing socio-economic condition in this world.
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3.Lost Spring
The Rattrap is about a man who is a peddler. He has a pessimistic attitude toward the world. The peddler has not always been like this and was a fine man. However, due to misfortune, he now resorts to selling rattraps, begging, and even stealing to survive.
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4.The Rattrap
This chapter is an excerpt taken from ‘The Penguin Book of Interviews’. It is written by Christopher Silvester. In this chapter, the author talks about the technique of ‘interview’ as a new way of interrogating. He talks about it with reference to the field of Journalism.
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5. The Interview
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