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High Scoring Chapters For CBSE 12th Biology

Tap to know in detail about the high-scoring chapters for CBSE 12th Biology and the essential topics to be covered.
Pyramids of number, energy and biomass, Nutrient cycling, ecology succession is the most important topics in this module.
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Modes of asexual reproduction are an essential topic in this module.
Reproduction in Organisms
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Mendel’s Laws, Post-Mendelian Genetics, Chromosomal Disorders and Pedigree analysis are the most frequently asked topic.
Principles of Inheritance
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Structure of DNA, Silent feature of genetic code, Experiments by F. Griffith, Hershey & Chase, and Meselson & Stahl, Mechanism- replication, transcription, and translation are most important topics to be covered.
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
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Homologous and analogous organs, Adaptive radiation, and Hardy-Weinberg principle are the most frequently asked topic.
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