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GATE Marks vs Rank 2023: Predict Your Rank and Score

The GATE 2023 rank and scores are calculated separately. Predict your rank and score using the steps provided here.
The GATE Marks and Rank are released separately. The GATE results for 2023 are out. Predict your rank and score by following the steps shared here.
GATE Rank Vs Marks
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The GATE rank is calculated as per the marks the candidate scored in the exam. A good GATE rank falls under 200 to bag a PSY college. However, a rank under 1000 can get you into IITs or NITs.
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Apart from the GATE Score and Rank, we also have the GATE Marks. It is calculated out of 100 based on the number of questions attempted by the candidate. There are total 65 questions and the total marks is 100. 
GATE Marks
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The GATE score is calculated with a formula of 1000. The score is measured in a relation to the candidate's performance with others. It is calculated using the formula shared further.
GATE Score
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GATE Score= Sq+ (Sq-St)x (M-Mq)/ (Mt-Mq)
M= marks secured by the candidate
Mq= qualifying marks of UR category
Mt= marks of top 10/ 0.1%
Sq= 350 score
St= 900 score
GATE Score Formula
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Read through the GMU article to know more about GATE Rank Vs GATE Score.
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