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DU PG Admission 2022 : Steps to Register Online

Looking for steps to register for DU PG admission? Here are the steps on how to register online.
Visit the official website of the DU PG admission: admission.uod.ac.in
Step 1
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Once your are in the website, visit the admission portal of the DU website for further process.
Step 2
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Click on ‘Start New Application’ to log in for the admission process.
Step 3
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Fill out all the necessary mark in the application as and when required.
Step 4
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Upload the Photograph, Signature, and Caste Certificate (if applicable) and all the necessary documents as required by the portal.
Step 5
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After all this, you will receive a PDF format letter stating the completion of your application. Download the PDF.
Step 6
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For future reference, keep a printout of the PDF as it will be applicable when you get shortlisted.
Take a Print Out
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To know more about DU admissions,  get into GMU website.
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