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Difference Between IIT and MIT: Which is Better?

In splits between IIT & MIT? Let us clear the air between it.
IIT - Indian Institute of Technology
MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Full Form
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While MIT offers UG & PG in almost all the branches of Science and Engineering, IIT is known to take a bit traditional and unconventional approach in the domains of Science and Engineering.
Courses Offered
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MIT has been ranked #1 by the QS world ranking whereas IIT Bombay and IIT Madras have been featured in top 50 QS world rankings.
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In India, IITs follow the traditional approach of theoretical Teaching although research options are given to student, they refrain from pursuing.
Teaching and Research : IIT
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MIT has some of the world class libraries and laboratory. The programs are focused for students to encourage them to take up teaching and research.
Teaching and Research : MIT
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Selection Criteria
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For candidates to enrol at IIT, a good JEE score is required, whereas at MIT, the requirement is the desire to conduct research that will advance the field of science.
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While it is given fact that MIT has a list of multinational corporations like Google and Intel, IIT also has some of the major companies to name a few are TATA, Uber and Samsung.
Here are some points to note when it comes to choosing MIT or IIT, to know more about both the colleges head into GMUs website.
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