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CUET PG Exam Pattern 2022

Have a quick run through for the CUCET PG Exam Pattern for 2022.
The exam is 120 minutes with PwD candidates having 20 minutes extra window. It is MCQ based exam conducted online in English and Hindi.
CUCET Highlights
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The CUCET Paper is divided into two parts: Paper 1 and Paper 2. The Paper 1 is further divided into two sections: 1 and 2.
CUCET Question Paper
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Subjects: English, General Knowledge and Numerical Ability.
No. of Question: 25
CUCET Paper 1: Section 1
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Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology.
No. of Question: 25+25+25
CUCET Paper 1: Section 2
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Subjects: English, Numerical Aptitude/Data Interpretation, Analytical Skills, Reasoning, General Awareness.
No. of Question: 100
CUCET Paper 2
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For no response, no marks is awarded , for incorrect response one fourth is deducted and for correct response 1 mark is awarded.
CUCET Marking Scheme 2022
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