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Chapters You Can't Skip For JEE Main Maths

Mathematics is JEE Mains Hardest Paper. Know More About the Important Chapters Which You Should Avoid Skipping!
It is one of the most important topics for maths in jee mains. It is a must-do topic, and you can easily get 12-16 marks  Every year atleast 3-4 questions are put up from this topic.
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The questions from this topic are easiest and can be done in a short time with the use of various short tricks. Around 2 questions are asked every year.
Matrices and Determinants
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Trigonometry is a sort of hit-or-miss topic because there is no certainty about the presence of questions. But the concepts of this topic are used in various topics, so we have put it in the category of jee important maths topics.
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Almost every year, 1-2 questions are put on this topic. This topic is hard and time-consuming, but it is important in maths for jee mains.
Sequence and Series
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It is also one of the most important chapters in maths for jee mains.  It can be a combination of various concepts and requires using topics like sets and functions. You can expect 1-2 questions from this section.
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All the important topics in mathematics for JEE mains are mentioned, but the student should study all the topics in the jee main syllabus. Special attention should be given to these topic as it can help them score 60+ marks in mathematics.
JEE Mains Maths Exam
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