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Chapters Not to be Missed in ISC Class 12 Accounts Exam

Check Out The Important Chapters That Must Not be Missed by The Students Appearing For ISC Class 12 Accounts Exam!
ISC class 12 exam for Accounts will be for a total of 80 marks. The Accounts exam paper is divided into sections A, B, and C. The students must answer all the questions in Section A compulsorily. There will be options for Sections B and C.
ISC Class 12 Accounts Exam
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The important chapters that must not be missed while preparing for ISC class 12 Accounts exam are as follows.
Important Chapters for ISC Class 12 Accounts
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This chapter discusses partnership fundamentals and legal acts relevant to the Accounts subject. This chapter includes important topics such as Profit and Loss Appropriation Account, the Concept of Goodwill, and the Guarantee of Profits.
1. Partnership Accounts
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The important topics related to Issues of Shares and Debentures, the Creation of Debenture Redemption Reserve (DRR), and Preparing the company’s Balance Sheet. Students must be thorough with these topics.
2. Joint Stock Company Accounts
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The important details about Comparative Statements and Common Size Statements, such as their meaning, significance, and limitations, are included in this chapter.
3. Financial Statement Analysis
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Students must prepare this chapter well as it is one of the chapters where they can score well as questions will be asked. It involves the salient features of DBMS, updation, and retrieval of data, and important functions.
4. Database Management System 
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This chapter discusses the concepts, functions, advantages and disadvantages, benefits of generating payroll, and so on about Electronic spreadsheets.
5. Accounting Application of Electronic Spreadsheet
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