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CBSE Weightage for Class 12 2022

Wondering what the weightage for the CBSE exams would be? Read on to get the details!
What Are The Type Of Ques In CBSE Terms?
In Term 1, students appeared for MCQ type, the Term 2 had subjective questions.
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What Is The Weightage For The Terms?
The board has given 30% weightage to term-1 and 70% weightage to term-2 for theory. As far as Practicals are concerned, equal weightage has been given to both Term 1 and Term 2.
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What Is The Weightage For The Theory & Practicals?
The paper pattern for a few subjects is 80+ 20 formats, 80 marks are allotted for theory papers, and 20 marks are allotted for internal evaluation or practical exams.
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What Is The Other Weightage For The Theory & Practicals?
The CBSE also follows the 70+30 format for a few subjects, wherein 70 is for theory papers and 30 for the practicals or internal evaluation.
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Who Will Receive The Results?
Students must go through the below-mentioned conditions:
1. Appeared for term-1 exams but absent in term-2 exams
2. Appeared for term-2 exams but absent in term-1 exams
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Other Conditions
 3. Appeared for all papers in term 1 but fails to appear for 1 or 2 papers in term 2
4. Appears for all papers in term-2 but failed to appear for 1 0r 2 papers in term-1
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