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CBSE Roll Number Finder 2022

CBSE 12th Results for 2022 are out! Here are the steps to find the Roll Number.
The CBSE board has launched a dedicated and innovative website for students called the CBSE Result 2022 Roll Number Finder - cbseit.in.
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Website - Roll Number Finder
Any Indian student who has registered with CBSE can find his/her roll number through the steps that follows.
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Steps to be followed
Candidates must visit the official website mentioned and select their respective class.
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Step 1
Students will have to enter details like the Candidate’s Name, School Code, Father’s Name and Mother’s Name.
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Step 2
Once the details are entered rightly, click on the button named ‘Search Data’.
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Step 3
Now, the Roll Number will be displayed on the screen. Note down the number which will come in handy while checking your results.
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Step 4
Hope this would have been helpful to find your roll number. Visit GMU page to get more updates on the CBSE results 2022.
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