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CBSE Class 10 Maths Exam 2023: 7 Tricks to Solve Exam on Time

Read through to know 7 tricks to solve your Maths paper easily and on time!
Trick 1
Make a note of all the important formulas and should be pasted near your study table. Frequently referring this can help you remember the formulas easily.
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Trick 2
Make practice a habit. Maths problems should be solved daily. There should be a certain time in a day kept for Maths only.
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Trick 3
Solve as many as exemplary problems, sample papers and previous year question papers possible. This will help in covering up all important problems.
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Trick 4
While attending the exam, start solving the paper with easier and simpler questions that you are more confident about. This will help you manage time for the difficult ones.
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Trick 5
You should be thorough with the basics rights from the beginning of your preparations. The foundation of maths must be strong to handle any type of problems.
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Trick 6
Fix targets! Make sure you set daily targets and meet them up at any cost. This can help in proper covering of the portions.
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Trick 7
Solve mock exams before attending the real exam. This can help you in keeping proper track of the time and your performance.
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