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CBSE 12th Revaluation 2022: Steps to Apply for Verification

Find the latest information on CBSE revaluation 2022 and follow the procedure to apply for the revaluation/verification of class 12th marks.
What Is Re-Evaluation?
If candidates feel that the marks awarded to them are lesser than what they expected, it is time to apply for revaluation or rechecking.
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Documents Needed For Re-Evaluation
Make sure to produce the following documents while applying for revaluation or rechecking:
Mark sheet
 Application form
Revaluation fee payment proof
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Things To Note
1. The per-question fee is Rs. 100.
2. Once re-evaluation is done, students will be intimated online and through speed post.
3. After re-evaluation, the new marks will be considered final.
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Getting a Copy of the Evaluated Answer Book
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Students who opt for verification can request a copy of their answer scripts from their respective login accounts. The per-subject fee will be Rs. 700 (tentative).
Visit The Official Website
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Students who have opted to obtain a photocopy of their answer scripts can apply for re-evaluation of their theory papers by visiting the official website.
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