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CBSE 12th Physics Revision Tips

Want to ace CBSE 12th physics exam ? Tap to know more about CBSE 12th revision tips.
Know the Weightage of Physics Subjects
Students must know the weightage of each unit. Based on that, they can give more time to units with more marks.
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Make Notes 
Students should build a habit of making notes while studying. In this manner, they will prepare study notes for each chapter which will help during the exam.
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Make Topic Wise Strategy 
Students who like to solve numerical problems must focus on the first part of the Physics book, which consists of difficult chapters. They can also study the chapter depending upon the weightage of marks allocated.
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Get Familiar with Marking Scheme
Exam marking schemes will help decide how to prepare for a particular chapter. In addition, the marking procedure will help in knowing the type and number of questions asked in the exam.
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Quick Short Notes of Important Concepts
These quick notes help revise the concepts, highlighting the critical topics in the books. Look into these notes now and then to keep things in mind.
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The more students practice, the more their chances of scoring high marks will be. In addition, this will provide a better understanding of the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the Physics paper.
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