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CBSE 12th Biology Revision Tips

The CBSE 12th Boards Exam Is Just Round The Corner. Tap Here To Get Amazing Revision Tips to Prepare.
The CBSE 12th exams revisions are at high priority now, as the exams have knocked the gates. Get amazing tips and tricks to prepare well for the CBSE 12th Biology portion.
CBSE 12th Biology Portion
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Diagrams play an important role in the CBSE 12th Biology exam. Prepare charts and sticky notes for important diagrams and equation and keep practicing them everyday.
Prepare Charts and Diagrams
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Mock papers and previous year papers are of great help. Many good websites provide paid and unpaid mock tests for practice. Take subscription to good and relevant mock tests and prepare them on a regular basis.
Solve Mock Papers
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Often out of panic or slow writing speed, students miss out questions. In this case, set time limit when practicing questions. This will help the students manage time in the exam hall effectively.
Focus on Time Management
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Sometimes students get themselves too many books in order to practice out each and everything on the internet. Students MUST AVOID this. Only refer to known published books with relevant and exam friendly content.
Pick Up Good Reference Books
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Yes, surveys claim that we remember for a longer period of time if we write things. The visual learning is more effective. Thus revise the Biology syllabus by writing and drawing technique.
Write and Practice
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Enjoy your favourite dessert with that Netflix show you like. But yes, in a limit. These breaks will help your mind relax and function better. Students must take pressure, but a positive one!
Give Yourself Break
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