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CBSE 10th Result: Girls Outshine Boys

CBSE Results are out and this year Girls outshine Boys. Read on to get all details!
CBSE Class 10th Results Announced
The much-awaited CBSE class 10th results were released on 22 July. Many students around the country were waiting for the results to announce.
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Girls Outshine Boys By A Margin Of 1.41%
About 94.40% of students cleared the exam with girls outperforming boys by a margin of 1.41%
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10th and 12th Results Announced Same Day
This year is the first time that the CBSE has announced both class 10 and 12 results on the same day.
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Gender-Wise Statistics
The pass percentage of girls stood at 95.21 per cent while 93.80 per cent of boys cleared the exam. The pass percentage of transgender candidates is 90 per cent.
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The CBSE 10th results is very important for many students around the country. To keep up with all the latest updates, swipe up and visit the GMU site.
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